’85 Bears Downside: Payton Didn’t Score

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Melissa Isaacson from ESPN Chicago talks ’85 Bears, and specifically the egregious action of Mike Ditka to not try everything possible to get Walter Payton a touchdown, particularly with the way the Bears were dominating the Patriots:

Perhaps most painful for the man whose trademark was his jackknife leaps into the end zone was that Payton was stopped for a 2-yard loss on a first-and-goal from the New England 3-yard line in the first quarter, and twice the Bears went for other options at the goal line. (Payton had a total of five carries inside the 10-yard line on the day.) Jim McMahon scored from 2 yards out and then there was the touchdown that gained the most attention — William Perry’s 1-yard plunge in the third quarter.

The reason the Bears won in ’85 was the defense, but the heart and soul of the 80s Bears was Walter Payton. He retired as the all-time leading rusher and eventually passed away from a liver disease. He is forever missed by Bears fans, many of whom still harbor animosity over Payton not getting a Super Bowl touchdown.