A Pretty Big ‘Duh’ Regarding Young Adults

This post refers to engadget.com

Engadget reported on a study by Pew Research Center regarding how young adults get their news:

According to the study, which the center seems to have been conducting yearly for a while now, 67 percent of adults under 30 said in 2010 that the ‘net was their primary source of news, up from 34 percent in 2007. Curiously, respondents could choose up to two ‘main’ news sources, so 52 percent report that television is a main news source in 2010, down from 68 percent in 2007.

I rarely watch live TV period anymore1 and have not watched the news in my own house since I graduated college. Occasionally I will find myself at my in-laws or parents and we will watch the evening news, which I find so interesting since I consider most of that news to be “old” already.

I realize that have the benefit of being at a computer all day with an opportunity to keep up on news going on, but it’s not hard to figure that young people don’t watch the news. Twitter and Facebook make it so easy to get news as it happens, TV news just takes too long.

  1. Except sporting events obviously []