Mac App Store: A Peek Into the Future

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Shawn Blanc doing what he does best. This time on how the Mac App Store is simplifying OS X:

The Mac App Store is the current epitome of where Apple wants to take OS X and the Mac user experience. This is the first of some significant steps towards the next evolution of Apple’s desktop software.

I have had some recent discussions with some friends about this very thing. It clearly seems that Apple is trying to take the Mac platform in a new direction and but it seems unclear if this is a good or bad thing.

Apple’s integrated and easy-to-use storefronts have proven to be successful on every level. The iOS App Store has seen over one billion apps downloaded. iTunes is the number one music store in the world. These store fronts are providing significant income for Apple, developers, and artists. Not to mention a very easy-to-use store for users.

All true statements. Blanc goes on to talk about why this is good for all parties involved. And that is where I disagree.

I have major fears about where Apple will take the App Store, ultimately forcing all applications to reside there, but maintaining their current restrictions. And what will that mean for browsers, utilities, preference panes and dozens of other types of apps that power users thrive on?