Non-Head Coach Options for Michigan

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I realize that anyone who cares about Michigan’s search for a new head coach is already reading mgoblog, but Brian’s most recent post hit on Mike Gundy, who I thought would be a great fit:

He’s a man and he’s now 43, so he’s in a good spot as far as longevity but I didn’t throw Gundy on the list because the blowup seemed like it would be offputting in the aftermath of Press Consumes Rodriguez Alive As Family Watches In Horror. Meanwhile, T. Boone Pickens will match anything Michigan can put out there and there is the whole alma mater thing. I didn’t think he was plausible since the situation was “Pat Fitzgerald except the school can pay him.”

I knew about T. Boone’s1 deep pockets but didn’t realize Gundy was an Oklahoma St. alum. So forget that option.

  1. Big alum with a net worth well north of $1 billion []