Patrick Rhone on the MacBook Air

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Patrick Rhone’s excellent Minimal Mac has always been an interesting blog to read. I have no issues admitting that I have no ability to be “minimal” but I enjoy reading about ways to try. Rhone is the perfect guy to own a MacBook Air.

>For the past week, I have been on this machine for 6-8 hours a day and I have not wanted for more. The speed still continues to impress and amaze. As does the size, the comfort, and utility. I’m overjoyed with my choice so far.

He also talks about making the most of the hard drive space and how he is keeping space free. My personal experience with the MacBook Air has been similar. I haven’t gone to the same extreme as Patrick in regards to installing apps, but I am being careful only to install things I need and not just apps I want to try.