Randy Edsall Goes to Maryland

This post refers to espn.go.com

I don’t know if I was surprised that Randy Edsall took a new coaching job, but I was surprised1 it was Maryland. Apparently I am not alone. Brian Bennett from ESPN agrees:

>Beyond the natural stress that comes with losing any coach in January, Connecticut fans must be asking themselves why Edsall left for a program that isn’t all that appreciably better. (By the same token, Terps fans have to be wondering what kind of upgrade they got. Edsall is 74-70 and his best season ever just ended with an 8-5 record; Friedgen was 75-50, led Maryland to a 9-4 record and bowl win this year, and he was told to clean out his office).

Big East coaches all seem to jump ship for other opportunities, but to the ACC? To a basketball school? I thought he would have held out for a SEC, Pac 10, Big 10 or big-time program job.

  1. I even tweeted as much earlier []