Sprint’s New 3G/4G MiFi

This post refers to macworld.com

With CES1 in the rear window there are lots of new gadgets floating around2. I have long been a fan of the MiFi3 but have always hesitated picking one up4. Generally you are stuck with just “4G” or just 3G unless you pay extra to get both.

Sprint’s new offering seems to rectify that based on what Jeff Porten from Macworld is reporting:

The Novatel MiFi is priced at $99 with a two-year contract, which costs $60 a month for 4G (unlimited) plus 3G (five gigabytes per month) service. Sprint will offer a $50 mail-in rebate when the Novatel ships on February 27.

Virgin Mobile’s prepaid plan is still probably a better deal for occasional use5 but this is now a decently priced alternative.

  1. Consumer Electronics Show []
  2. Or will be eventually []
  3. A wireless portable hotspot []
  4. Mostly because of the cost and contract []
  5. Except it’s only 3G []