Still Need Power Buttons

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I usually agree with things Mr. Ben Brooks has to say. He is a very thoughtful writer who makes keen observations I often haven’t thought of. But his recent post about getting rid of power buttons on devices just seems like kooky talk:

>In fact the main reason we used to turn gadgets on and off was to conserve battery life, but my MacBook Air will sleep for 30 days. I can’t remember the last time I went 4 days without using my computer, let alone 30.

I agree with the statement that battery life is lengthy now, but what if you have a problem with your Mac, or a kernel panic? There is no battery to remove so you need someway to hard reset the system. This goes for the iPhone as well1.

I think technology is getting better and there maybe alternatives in the future. But to me, power buttons still add enough occasional value to stick around.

  1. I have probably had to hard reset my iPhone a dozen times in the 2+ years I’ve owned on []