The Future of Mad Men

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Alan Sepinwall1 has the scoop from the AMC Press Tour briefing on the upcoming Mad Men season:

The second part was more concerning, since it doesn’t look like AMC – which won’t air “Breaking Bad” season 4 until summer, and will likely try to launch “The Walking Dead” season 2 around Halloween again – may have a Sunday window in which to air a fifth season until perhaps early 2012.

This is heartbreaking news. Waiting an entire year more to see season 5 of Mad Men would be rough. I presume that AMC will come up with a solution, Sepinwall had his suggestion that he posed to the head of AMC:

He wouldn’t confirm or deny any of the possibilities I threw out, from doubling it up with “Breaking Bad” (creating the best night of drama since “Deadwood” aired after “The Sopranos”) to trying one of the shows on a different night, to the dreaded possibility of saving “Mad Men” until January or later in 2012.

AMC could double up with Breaking Bad and own Sunday nights. But they may just chose to take advantage of using Mad Men on it’s own later. Let’s cross our fingers that the former is the case.

  1. Easily my favorite TV critic these days []