The Growing Michigan Mess

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Great piece by Pete Thamel of the New York Times on the state of the Michigan football program:

Whether or not Rodriguez stays, the only certainty to come from a day of speculation and misinformation is that the once-proud Michigan brand has a long road back to respectability. Winning instantly does not seem realistic under Rodriguez, but turning the program over to someone else could mean waiting even longer to win.

I agree completely.

There is no reason for Denard Robinson to stay if they don’t hire another spread coach. As good as Denard is, that isn’t really my main concern. I personally think Tate Forcier is a capable guy.

My bigger concerns are, the reality of starting from scratch again and the fact that Brady Hoke appears to be the frontrunner. That is not the answer. I don’t think Les Miles is a crazy idea at this point, since the seat in LSU is a bit warm.

If it can’t be Harbaugh or another dream hire (Pat Fitzgerald, Randy Edsall, Mike Gundy), or keeping Rodriguez, then I guess Miles is my first choice.

(via ESPN)