Unbreakable Sports Records

This post refers to uncoached.com

Natty from Uncoached has a list of seven unbreakable sports records. I agree wholeheartedly that most of these will never be broken. Ripken’s game streak and Cy Young’s win total are definitely unbreakable.

Do you realize how many games 2632 is? Holy dog [bleep]. That’s 16.2 seasons without missing ONE game.

There aren’t many Major Leaguers who play 16 seasons anymore. And the ones that do won’t likely play every game.

The only thing that bugs me about this list–and bugs be about most lists like this–is that it omits the most unbreakable records there is, Johnny Vander Meer’s two straight no hitters. Because of course, in order to break it, someone would have to pitch three.