Why Brett Kelly Pays For Knowledge and Software

This post refers to nerdgap.com

Brett Kelly doesn’t post all that often but he always posts thoughtful things. He recently tackled the concept of spending money on services/applications/etc. and why he does. He ultimately came up with the concept of ‘time’:

That’s what I’m paying for. That’s what everybody who buys my ebook is paying for. That’s what I get when I pay for Github, Basecamp, Dropbox and Omnifocus.

Time spent using tools that could work better or for which there are better alternatives is time wasted. Time spent learning something that somebody already knows and has made available to you is time wasted.

When you are a young developer you always to build everything from scratch. A friend of mine taught me that unless you are extremely confident you can do it better, it makes no sense to re-invent the wheel. Truth is, this applies everywhere. If your time is more valuable than your money1 it’s easy to avoid wasted time.

  1. Which happens to those people with disposable incomes []