Wilbon on the Legacy of the ’85 Bears

This post refers to sports.espn.go.com

Mike Wilbon of ESPN Chicago has a take on the legacy of the ’85 Bears, specifically covering how the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears are always referred to as the “85 Bears”:

It’s the most exclusive fraternity imaginable, the tiniest handful of teams that are so great, so memorable, so once-in-a-lifetime rare that they will be identified forever simply by the season they authored their masterpieces. The ’27 Yankees of Ruth and Gehrig. The ’72 Dolphins and their perfect season. The ’80 U.S. Olympic Hockey team and its Miracle on Ice. The ’85 Chicago Bears and their defensive savagery of the NFL.

He talks about how everything just clicked for one season a the right time. It is amazing to think how unbeatable the Bears were, especially in the playoffs, and yet they only made it to one Super Bowl.