Will Ohman Gives the Sox Versatility

This post refers to southsidesox.com

Jim Margalus of South Side Sox on the recent signing of left-handed reliever Will Ohman. Margalus seems to be concerned with having 3 lefties in the bullpen:

I thought having [Matt] Thornton and [Chris] Sale would eliminate that craving for a vanity lefty. Guillen had a hard enough time getting [Randy] Williams any work, so it’s hard to see when exactly Ohman would be desperately needed. Plus, three lefties guarantees a seven-man pen, which is another exercise in inefficiency, considering the rotation is supposed to go deep into games four of every five starts.

I don’t necessarily agree about the seven-man bullpen. Typically teams have a closer, setup guy, a LOOGY1, a swingman, another lefty and usually a guy for garbage time. In this case, the closer will be a lefty, but a closer is a closer, it doesn’t mean they have to have another righty.

Ohman gives them incredibly versatility. He gives them an experienced lefty meaning Chris Sale won’t have to be in the bullpen. Barring an injury or a huge whole in the pen2, the White Sox can start Sale in the minors as a starter.

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  2. Thornton, Santos, Crain, Pena and Ohman make up the core now []