Awind McTiVia is Macworld Expo Best of Show

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Roman Loyola from Macworld covers their winners of Best of Show from Macworld Expo 2011. One of the winners is the Awind McTiVia:

This box attaches to an HDTV in order to display your Mac’s video wirelessly. The McTiVia ($199) connects to your HDTV via HDMI, and a software component on your Mac tells it to transmit a signal to the McTiVia. The box can also act as a wireless access point for your home network, and has a USB port for connecting a mouse and keyboard to control your Mac.

Pretty sweet idea. I have a Mac Mini that I use as a media center, but it can only be hooked up to one TV at a time. Even a refurbished Mac Mini cost at least $500, so if you want media centers in multiple rooms, it’s a steep cost.

This device would have the limitation of requiring one computer being shared, so you couldn’t watch different shows on multiple media centers at the same time.