Engadget Reviews Clamcase iPad Keyboard Case

This post refers to engadget.com

Jacob Schulman of Engadget has a review of the clamcase, an iPad case with a built in keyboard that is basically designed to turn the iPad into a laptop-like device:

The meat and potatoes of the Clamcase is the keyboard itself, as that’s the real reason you’d want one of these. We appreciate that the Clamcase guys tried to make the keyboard as wide as possible without adding more width to the iPad itself, but to be quite honest it feels cramped.

Schulman is right. The reason you would buy one of these is the keyboard. I have a friend who was convinced before the iPad came out, and still to this day, that the future is the a hybrid device like you get with the clamcase. I certainly think that’s possible, but cases like this prove that it has to be done by the original manufacturer to be done well.