Marco Arment on The Daily

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Marco Arment with a very honest piece on The Daily:

Bundling a bunch of stuff I don’t care about with the few pieces I want to read is the old-world model, when custom-targeted or on-demand news for each reader was infeasible. But in this century, I can go to a handful of websites whenever I want news, view the handful of stories that interest me, then move on. Flipping through a bunch of uninteresting-to-us content and ads was an annoyance of the old world, like blow-ins, that we tolerated because we had to — but now, we don’t.

Exactly. I don’t understand why media computers think that just because it’s an “app” that the old-school newspaper model makes sense. The kind of news younger read is either extremely breaking or some really thoughtful commentary. No one wants to pay to read summaries of news that is already a day old