Ozzie’s 2012 Option

This post refers to southsidesox.com

I am a couple of weeks late on this, but Jim Margalus from South Side Sox has a nice piece on the White Sox picking up Ozzie Guillen’s contract. I am not a huge Guillen fan. he deserves the credit he gets for bringing Chicago it’s first World Series in 88 years, but his antics are grating and while he is proven relative to former White Sox managers, he’s no Casey Stengel:

When weighing only his managing, Guillen isn’t a liability. His teams are known for getting a ton out of starting pitching (that’s good!) and running into way too many outs (that’s bad!). He doesn’t stand out too much otherwise, because some weaknesses — wanting a speedy leadoff guy, preferring veterans, desiring a LOOGY — can be found in most other managers. The Chicago media lauds Ron Gardenhire from far away, while a lot of Twins fans hate the way he’s shaped his middle infield (railroading Jason Bartlett and J.J. Hardy, for example). There’s a trade-off in every situation.

It’s interesting that Gardenhire is revered by outsiders, but not thought of too highly by fans. I think Guillen is the opposite, fans seem to love him and outsiders think he’s an idiot. I think next offseason will be interesting. Most teams don’t want lame duck coaches, so we shall see.