Yankees’ CC Sabathia Might Opt Out?

This post refers to sports.espn.go.com

ESPN.com has a rumor that CC Sabathia might take advantage of the opportunity to opt out of his contract at the end of the season. He would leave 4 years and and like $100 million on the table. I suppose Sabathia’s logic is that Cliff Lee’s annual average salary is now more, and since CC is only going to be 31 at the end of the season he might want to lock in a few more years in case he declines before this contract is up.

The problem I see is that 4 years for $100 million is already a ton. There are only a few teams that could afford that besides the Yankees. Probably the Mets, Red Sox, Cubs, maybe Angels, maybe Rangers. That’s it. It seems unlikely to me that any of those teams will give CC more than 4 years/$100 million.