Jim Edmonds as a Hall of Famer

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Chad Dotson of the ESPN.com Sweetspotblog initiated the first of three posts about Jim Edmonds Hall of Fame credentials:

Take a quick look at his numbers and you might be surprised: a career OPS+ of 132, 68.3 wins above a replacement player (placing him in the top seven center fielders of all time), eight Gold Gloves, a career line of .284/.376/.527 with 393 homers. Frankly, Edmonds has a much better case for enshrinement than many players that have already been elected (I’m looking at you Andre Dawson).

Jason Rosenberg followed that up with his own piece:

Between 2000 and 2004, Edmonds put together a string of seasons that ranked him with baseball’s elite. During this stretch, Edmonds averaged 7 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) annually, and posted an OPS over 1.000. Consider that during this same period, a guy named Alex Rodriguez was putting together some of his best seasons as a ballplayer; only during this stretch A-Rod’s OPS was 14 points below that posted by Edmonds.

And Bill from the Sweetspot Blog added one more:

There are currently 50 Hall of Famers (among those selected as players) who primarily played in the outfield, and of those, 16 were primarily center fielders. Given that, it seems to me that if a player ranks among the top 10 all-time at the most important outfield position, there’s little room to argue that he doesn’t belong.

It’s somewhat amazing in retrospect when you see the stats. Edmonds was always known for his amazing catches, but he was no slouch on offense either. He also seemed to be one of the good guys, so let’s hope he makes it in.