LA Noire Investigation Trailer

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Another trailer for LA Noire, Rockstar’s next game. This is one of the only games of 2011 I am planning to buy at this point. This new trailer shows off how the game will be much different than past open world games and require some thinking. I am really excited.

But it doesn’t end there. I realized during the trailer that the main character is being voiced (and modeled after) by Aaron Staton, otherwise known as Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men. I find it extremely interesting that the character was designed to look just like him.

The Mad Men ties don’t end there. Alexa Alemanni who plays Allison1 on the show also appears to have a significant role. I also believe I saw a character modeled after Michael Gladis, who played Paul Kinsey on the first three seasons of Mad Men.

And last but not least I swear I William O’Leary being interrogated. O’Leary is likely best known for playing Tim Allen’s brother on Home Improvement.

  1. One of the secretaries []