Macworld Reviews Henge Dock Docking Station

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Marco Tabini of Macworld reviews the Henge Dock, a docking station of sorts designed for Macs. Tabini loves teh simplicity:

Once set up, the Docking Station is a pleasure to use. When you want to dock, you simply slide your laptop into it—the computer fits perfectly, and its weight is more than enough to engage all the various connectors. Removal is just as simple: you just hold the dock down with one hand and lift your laptop out with the other—again, with minimal effort.

I have had a Henge Dock for 6 months or so1. I agree with most of what is said in this review and am happy with my purchase. I would say that I have had some problems getting the plugs at exactly the right depth so that they all work. I had to completely redo them all once and as Tabini says, it’s a bit of a time consuming process. Overall though, definitely worth the sub-$100 price.

  1. I picked one up when the 2nd round of docks was finally made available []