mgoblog Says Fire Jim Tressel

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I am sure it’s surprisingly to no one that the biggest Michigan blog on the internet thinks Jim Tressel should have been fired for his recent violations:

Ohio State’s trying to pull a fast one, and the NCAA should hammer them. A show-cause for Tressel is just as viable as the one widely speculated to be heading down the pike at Bruce Pearl. Tressel’s lies were repeated.

The reactions around the internet from impartial people has been pretty consistent, Tressel’s punishment was extraordinarily insufficient. Even Ohio St. fans are mostly responding like teenager who just fooled their parents, eyes shifting around as they say in their head “I can’t believe I am getting away with this.”

The entire situation has been so mishandled that Ohio St. will likely join USC and Alabama as constant punchlines. Ohio St. President Gordon Gee wanted to prove to everyone that his “littler sisters of the poor” line wasn’t a one-time faux pas.

My understanding is that Tressel could potentially be punished further in the NCAA isn’t happy with this, but who knows.