Unlimited Re-downloading Finally Coming to iTunes?

This post refers to engadget.com

One of the crappy things about iTunes has always been the fact that if your hard drive crashes you cannot download music you previously purchases in iTunes. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You are able to put purchased music on five devices right now, but if you happen to be a person with only once device then you are screwed.

Thomas Ricker from Engadget says this is going to change:

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Apple is instead, planning to offer unlimited downloads to any device linked to the same iTunes account. So, purchase a track on your iPhone and download it again for free to your iPad without having to go back and tether the mobile device to your PC or Mac for a sync. Hard disk crash? No worries, there’s a permanent backup in the cloud.

The rumors are coupled with the perpetual rumors of a streaming iTunes service and a revamped MobileMe, so I will believe it when I see it.