Computing in 2004 vs. 2011

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Chris Rawson of TUAW talks about how his computing habits have changed since 2004, when he was rocking his decked out PowerBook G3:


  • PowerBook G3: 233 MHz G3 CPU, Geekbench score 122

  • PowerBook G3 upgraded: 500 MHz G4 CPU, Geekbench score 292

  • iPad 2: 1 GHz A5 processor, Geekbench score 750

He goes through all the specs, but you get the idea. I realize that this computer is actually from 1998 and not 2004, but it still shows how far we have come. I love when Alex Lindsay of Pixel Corps talks about how the computer he edited Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace on was less powerful than the iPhone 3G.

I think about the mid 90s when we got our first computer with a CD-ROM and a few years later when we got our first computer with over 1 GB of hard drive space. Now you can have 2,000 GB of hard drive space for under $100. The phone I carry in my pocket is more powerful than every computer on every Apollo spacecraft combined.

Non-tech people like to speculate about where we will be in 10 years, but from now, but looking how far we have come in 10 years, I think it’s impossible to predict.