An In-Depth Look at the DIRECTV iPad App

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David Winograd from TUAW with a lengthy piece on the DirecTV iPad App:

The “Remote” button brings up most all the functions of the physical remote, but this remote is on steroids. As you can see, most all the functions are there, so the app is really all you need to fully control your DVR. If you are a DIRECTV user, you will be familiar with this screen, but there are a few extras that I found. The button that lets you skip two and a half minutes as well as the button that fast forwards at three times the normal speed are adjustable if you hold them down for a second or two.

Amazing. I love that the skip ahead is adjustable.

This post is amazingly in-depth. It covers so many things. My wife recently got an iPad and I am sure she is going to love this app.