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Jürgen on the Cultured Code blog gives users of the GTD app Things an update on OTA syncing. They are finally ready for beta testing, but it’s only for the Mac app, not iOS versions as this time. As for cost:

Without large scale tests, it is not realistic to estimate how much resources our users will consume in the cloud. In particular, the frequency of interactions between users’ databases and the central service. Therefore we will be doing extensive scalability testing before we make an announcement regarding possible costs for the service.

I have been using Things since the first public beta and bought it as soon as it became available. I have long been tempted to switch to OmniFocus, but Things works for me and the cost to buy OmniFocus1 was more than I wanted to spend. But I won’t pay for OTA sync. If this isn’t free, or there isn’t a way to host it yourself, I will likely ponder a change.

  1. $100 for both the Mac and iOS versions []