Apple to Release Mac OS X Lion Through Mac App Store

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This news isn’t new, but the discussions I have had with people have left us with two questions/concerns.

First, what happens if you have multiple Macs? Do you have to download Lion for each of them? Even it’s not a massive overhaul my guy says that it will be at least a couple of GBs. I have five Macs, that’s a lot of download time and bandwidth use.

Second, what happens when you get a new hard drive? Do you have to re-install Snow Leopard and then re-download Lion and install it? Not terribly convenient.

I agree with others who have said Lion will be available in some form of physical media1 so this won’t be a huge issue for now. I would suspect that 10.8 will be Mac App Store only, and Apple is banking on the fact that by then everyone will be on at least Snow Leopard.

(via TUAW)

  1. Potentially at a higher cost []