Ben Brooks on Why the 13″ Air Is Better Than the 13″ Pro

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Ben Brooks with his logic on why you shouldn’t waste your money on a 13 inch MacBook Pro but instead just buy a 13 inch MacBook Air:

Here’s the crux of the issue: you are essentially paying a premium for “specs” that you are likely to never use or notice. While at the same time forgoing things that you will notice every time you use the computer (screen resolution and the performance of an SSD). If you really need more power than you get out of a 13″ Air then you honestly should be looking at the 15″ Pro as it is much faster.

Amen. His entire post is great for anyone who is contemplating the decision. I bought an 11 inch MacBook Air in the fall and definitely think it’s the best computer I have ever owned. I bought it to be a 2nd computer1 so I preferred the 11 inch, and would still buy the 11 inch if I could do it again. I have two friends who bought their first Macs since the start of the year and they both ended up with the 13 inch MacBook Pro. But if I could do it again I would have recommended they went with the 13 inch Air, for all of the reasons Brooks mentioned.

  1. Although I use it more than my “1st” computer []