How L.A. Noire Re-Created 1947 Los Angeles

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Charlotte Stoudt from the New York Times has the story on the world of new video game L.A. Noire:

And after years of work, including months of research in L.A., Rockstar and Australia-based Team Bondi, who jointly developed L.A. Noire, are set to unveil a digital Los Angeles so dense and cinematic it was the first video game to be accepted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The amount of time and effort they put into making a realistic Los Angeles is amazing. It will likely be lost on people that don’t live there since people like me wouldn’t have known the difference, but it just goes to show the level of detail put into this game. It remains my most anticipated game of 2011, but I will still probably hold off until later in the year since I have some other games to finish first.

(via Joystiq)