Is Daniel Hudson the New Matt Cain?

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Dan Hennessey of with an article that will make Sox fans cringe. He does some analysis of several advanced metrics that indicate that Daniel Hudson is very comparable to Matt Cain and even better in a few categories:

Hudson doesn’t pitch half his games in the cavern that Cain does, so it’s likely the home run rates will increase, and the .249 BABIP (that is also .206 with runners in scoring position) will go up. And while Cain has more pitches in his repertoire than Hudson does, Hudson generates swings-and-misses on almost eight percent of his fastballs, well above the major-league average of six percent (Cain is just above six percent).

Hudson was of course traded by the White Sox for Edwin Jackson last year. While Jackson has looked solid in his time with the White Sox, their failure to make the playoffs last year, their abysmal record this year, and the virtual guarantee he will sign elsewhere this winter means that giving on Hudson could be one of Williams’ few huge gaffes.