Joystiq Reviews L.A. Noire

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Justin McElroy from Joystiq with his review of L.A. Noire:

Without this tried and true video game structure of fail-repeat-succeed, it’s tough to call this central mechanic of L.A. Noire “fun,” in the traditional sense. Interesting? Compelling? Sure. Fun? Not quite. I have hope that Team Bondi or some other developer could make this idea into what feels like traditional fun, but it hasn’t happened yet. Right now, it’s fascinating and frustrating.

The overall review seems good1, but there seems to be a recurring theme of the fact that this game is only sort of fun and more an experience that hasn’t been attempted before. He says that no video game fan should miss it, yet talks about clunky mechanics that seem important.

I need to hear more.

  1. He gave it 4.5 stars []