More On the Flaws in iOS’ Notification System

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We have been down the road of discussing flaws with iOS Push Notifications, particularly the fact that the dialog box takes over and that the notifications don’t stack well.

Nik Fletcher speaks about one the stupidest iOS flaws relating to the former:

For example: when you’re on the phone and an SMS comes in. I’ve never once been on a phonecall where, after concluding the call, knowing I got an SMS from my fiancée was more important than hanging up the call.

So true. I don’t even talk on my phone that much and I feel like 50% of the time when I get off I have to clear a notification of some sort before I can hang up. This seems so against a lot of the ideals Steve Jobs has.

I have a friend who isn’t all that excited about iOS 5 because he can’t think of what is missing, but I think almost everyone would agree that push notifications need work.

(via Ben Brooks)