The New Fox Shows

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Earlier this week I posted about NBC’s new shows, now it’s time for Fox:

  • Terra Nova seems to have an intriguing concept but I didn’t really like the trailer.
  • The trailer for New Guy seemed way more like a movie than a TV show, and as much as I like Zooey Deschanel this didn’t make me laugh at all.
  • The Jamie Pressly show I Hate My Teenage Daughter doesn’t look like my thing.
  • Whenever I think a show is trying to be the next Lost1 I am immediately uninterested. In the case of Alcatraz this is shame because it seems to have potential. But I am not interested in a convoluted show that leaves me unfulfilled when it ends.
  • Any attempts I have made to watch Bones have left me wishing my satellite was out, and this show The Finder has a real Bones-ness to it. Cool premise I guess.
  1. See Flash Forward or The Event []