Alexei Ramirez Is The AL’s Best Shortstop

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Satchel Price from Beyond the Box Score on White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez:

Part of the reason that people were skeptical of Ramirez’s star potential was his lack of an impact skill; it didn’t seem like he would ever be elite at anything, so it was hard to envision a scenario where he’d develop into a star-level talent. But as we’ve seen, people seriously underestimated the kind of defender that Ramirez could be.

Price goes on to talk about how Ramirez is vastly improved with both the glove and the bat, which is spot on. Ramirez is not the best fielding shortstop in baseball, nor is he the best hitting shortstop in baseball, but there is no shortstop in baseball that is both as good of a hitter and as good of a fielder as he is.

From an all-around level it’s possible that Jose Reyes and Troy Tulowitzki are the only other guys in the argument.