Apple’s WWDC Magic Overlooked

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Ben Brooks on the missing message from Apple’s WWDC keynote:

What Apple may or may not kill isn’t the big news. What is the big news is how Apple is cleverly shifting the consumer mindset — all without asking the consumer to lift a finger. Ok, maybe only asking them to lift one finger.

Brooks talks about how iCloud “just works” and uses the example of iWork document syncing to talk about how the user won’t have to do anything to make this work. Brooks has talked on other mediums about how us geeks point to Dropbox and say “see, we already have this”, but we take for granted the fact that your mom or dad probably doesn’t have a Dropbox account or know what it is. So if they have a couple of Apple devices, this is all baked in from day one.

People used to say that Apple should buy Dropbox. They didn’t, but it sure seems like they are just building their own.