Everything You Always Wanted to Know About UZR But Were Afraid to Ask – Beyond the Box Score

This post refers to beyondtheboxscore.com

Dave Gershman of Beyond the Box Score goes to town trying to explain Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR):

Founded by Baseball Think Factory’s Michael Litchman, Ultimate Zone Rating is best defined by — sans the pitcher and catcher — a fielder’s ability to get to balls in 64 of the 78 zones. It’s not all batted balls, however, as outfield balls hit foul, infield line drives, and infield pop flies are not considered in the formula. In simplest form, Ultimate Zone Rating is the amount of runs above or below average a fielder costs or earns his team within certain zones using four metrics…

Gershman’s article is excellent. I am into sabermetrics a bit and like all these new fangled stats people are creating. UZR is arguable the gold standard of fielding metrics and this is a pretty good article to get a better understanding of how it works.