Extreme Couponing

This post refers to acslater.com

Recent podcast guest Tom, from ACSlater.com on extreme couponing:

And that’s not a unique situation when it comes to this, it seems like almost every time one of these “couponers” gets a good deal it’s because they bought 50 of one product just to save a few bucks on another… what’s the point? Are you really going to stock 50 tubes of toothpaste in your house? Why?

The craze around Extreme Couponing and the reality TV shows it has spawned have baffled me. It appears that many people who do this started trying to save money and basically turned into some kind of OCD hoarders. I read an article about a family that got toliet paper so cheap with coupons that they had it literally stored under every bed and in every closet so they could fit all of it in their house.