MacBook Air As the New Flagship Mac

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Ben Brooks on the MacBook Air:

I’d argue that [the MacBook Air] is already the “flagship” Mac and that by the end of this year it will be the computer that people think of as a Mac. Replacing the iMac, of course.

Do people consider the iMac the flagship Mac? Maybe my geek-bias is setting in, but I think the MacBook Pro is the flagship. Even the non-geeks I know have MacBook Pros. I don’t know anyone who has bought a Mac in the last 3 years who has an iMac.

I also don’t think we are quite ready for the MacBook Air to take over. I think revision 3 will get us there, but it’s still too soon. Most “power users” haven’t come around on the MacBook Air quite yet, and until they do, it will still be the “future” and not the “present”.