NCAA Football 12 Feature: Coach Carousel

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The details for NCAA Football 12 have started to leak out. One of the new features is called “Coach Carousel” and seems to pretty much be a much more enhanced version of coaching contracts, which have been in the game for years.

Apparently the idea is that you create a head coach, offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator or pick an existing one. Then your either run the entire team or just one side of the ball. You then have goals to accomplish, like winning games and bowls, that are calibrated depending on the caliber of your team, the higher prestige team the tougher the goals. You can be fired or promoted (I think) based on your performance, but the carousel portion comes into play when one team fires their coach, replaces him with one from another school, that school then replaces their poached coach with another coach, and so on,

Very cool idea that asks a totally new aspect to people who just like to “sim” games and not play. I have always considered just playing a “coach” mode dynasty because I really enjoy the recruiting aspect and get tired of the often broken gameplay that can be easy to exploit after a while.

Since Chris and I are talking about maybe doing two online dynasties, this might be something different to do on my own.