OSU’s Next Coach

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Plenty of people have given their two cents on who will ultimately replace Jim Tressel as Ohio St. Buckeyes head coach. I found Ted Glover from the Off Tackle Empire to be pretty complete, including the caveat regarding his “Rock Star List”:

If Ohio State is hit with hard sanctions, I would be skeptical if any of these guys took a job that would be a temporary dead end, but if the penalties aren’t too harsh and Fickell doesn’t do well, these guys will be lining up for what is still one of the three best jobs in the country.

I think this is something that most OSU fans seem to be taking for granted. I would guess we are still a ways away from knowing the full effects of the sanctions. I think it’s likely that it will be at least another four months or so, and because I also think those penalties will be stiff, I think the notion that Bo Pelini or Bob Stoops would leave their jobs at big-time programs is ludicrous. I’ll concede that Urban Meyer is a long shot because he doesn’t have a job to leave.

The names off of Glover’s list I think are most likely, in order, are Mark Dantonio, Paul Chryst and Turner Gill.