Ben Brooks on Google+

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Ben Brooks talks about Google+ and other social networks:

I started using Twitter because you can still get value in using Twitter while being a mute, but I may leave Twitter soon because — like with Facebook — people are starting to be offended when I choose not to ‘follow’ them.

Brooks has longed talked about his distaste for Facebook, but that combined with the above quote, illustrates that Brooks is clearly not the target of “social networks,” which he admits before the end of this article.

Part of the problem Brooks seems to have is that he thinks the only way to use social networks are the way the masses use them, which he summarizes social network by social network later in his post. He has clearly struggled to find the way to get the most value from these networks without feeling the obligations to constantly stay on tope of them.

It’s a struggle a lot of us face, but I don’t think it’s so black and white to just think they can’t provide more value than Brooks alludes to.