Cost for Four People to Attend Baseball Game

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Jamie Sotonoff of the suburban Chicago newspaper the Daily Heraldn, with an Opening Day article on the cost of attending baseball games:

The cost of taking a family of four to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field this year is estimated to be $305.60, and it’ll cost $258.68 for a White Sox game, according to the 2011 Fan Cost Index, a dollar amount calculated annually by Wilmette-based Team Marketing Research.

Yeah…It’s funny to see that and then try to understand the kinds of things the front office people say about the stands not being full. I could order takeout for an entire month and watch 20-some games on my big screen TV for $300.

For the cost of one seat worth of season tickets (approx. $3,000), a person could buy a brand-new, top of the line HD TV and watch every game.