How Apple Re-Cut Final Cut for the Better

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Serenity Caldwell of Macworld on Final Cut Pro X:

When it comes down to it, Final Cut Pro X isn’t about alienating professionals: It’s about finding out just what a “professional” looks like in this day and age. That line has blurred tremendously in the last decade thanks to widely-available—and inexpensive!—personal technology. Filmmakers are putting together features for $11,000. TV crews have gone digital; and that’s not even covering the amount of video created every day on the Web.

Apple has never been afraid to raise a figurative middle finger to any of their users, even the most devoted Apple fans, so it’s not a total shock they created a product that has suffered such intense backlash.

I hope that Caldwell and John Gruber are right, and this is just the beginning, and that Apple will “put back” all the features they removed over time.

Either way, Apple isn’t afraid to do it their own way.