Kirk Cousins Talks Paying College Players

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Adam Rittenberg from with more insight paying college players:

O’Neil goes on to explain how Cousins still must pay costs like his university car registration, food, gas and rent for July and August, when the schedule prevents football players from taking courses and, therefore, prevents them from receiving their scholarship money.

I am adamantly against paying college players, since their scholarships are already their payment, but this is one piece of information I didn’t have. I wasn’t aware that food wasn’t provided during July and August practice months.

As for gas, car registration and rent (assuming rent is for a living situation that is alternative to on-campus housing), those are luxuries, not rights. I know plenty of people who lived in the dorms their entire tenure at school. And I assure you that if it had been 100% free1 a lot more would have.

I am tired of this notion that college players somehow deserve more than they are already getting because big-time football programs make so much money. Players already get a full ride, plus other perks like priority registration and academic assistance. Sure, they have to make other sacrifices, like not having money for gas or to buy stuff, but on graduation day, it’s profit time. I had a half scholarship, money in the bank, worked 20 hours a week during the school year, 40 a week in the summer, have a debt-free wife and six years later still owe more money than most people’s cars.

You can’t get something for nothing. And if you took away players’ scholarships and replaced it with a monthly stipend, I don’t think it would end well for most players.

  1. This might be a fact I am wrong on, maybe room and board and food aren’t included for football players? []