Mike Cameron for Paul Konerko

This post refers to mlbtraderumors.com

Howard Megdal from MLB Trade Rumors on the 1998 trade of Mike Cameron for Paul Konerko:

Interestingly, though, as per Wins Above Replacement, the White Sox lost the deal, if one assumes Cameron would have stayed in Chicago from the deal until today, as Konerko has. While Konerko has posted a WAR of 26.2 with the White Sox – his defense at first base hasn’t added much value – Cameron’s WAR, due to his defense in center field, checks in at a robust 41.2. Cameron posted a 5.4 WAR in his one season with Cincinnati- roughly a fifth of Konerko’s total in the twelve years since the trade.

Just one of the many illustrations of how underrated good defense is. Cameron was one of the league’s best CFs for almost 10 years after this trade. The White Sox had 6 different guys log the most games per season for them during that time.

Paul Konerko will have his number retired by the White Sox, and when you add up his numbers he will go down as one of the franchise’s career leaders in a lot of things, but he has rarely been an elite hitter. He has had a few good seasons, but his best qualities are his durability and consistency.