NHL 12 Trailer

This post refers to joystiq.com

I am not a hockey fan. Despite the Chicago Blackhawks recent success, I still have not been able to get into the sport. But hockey video games are one of the most fun genre of sports games around1. EA Sports have been making hockey games since the early 90s, and although the Madden series is more well-known, the NHL series has been one of their best.

The latest incarnation looks great. I have been tempted to pick up the game or years now, but usually just don’t have time to justify it. Maybe this is the year.

One thing about the trailer, why are there so many shows of people being checked into the glass and it breaking? It happens like 5 times in the trailer, does that even happen 5 times in a season?

  1. I would say football video games are their only real competition []