Nobody Likes Doubleheaders

This post refers to

Philip Michaels from American McCarver:

Conventional wisdom has it that doubleheaders have fallen by the wayside because of greedy owners and indolent players — that the owners hate the thought of giving up ticket revenue and the players union balks at having its workforce play more than one game on any given day. Perhaps, that’s true. But I think it overlooks the most important explanation for why you don’t find many doubleheaders on the schedule these days. Doubleheaders are awful.

Michaels discusses attending a doubleheader in 1983 and the seemingly miserable experience it was. I have attended one doubleheader in my life. I was in high school. It was fun, but there is no way I would go to one now. Too many things can go wrong. If the opposing team score 7 runs in the 2nd inning it can end up being a really long day.

Between the ADD society we have become and the ridiculous costs for attending a baseball game, it’s understandable how 7 hours at a baseball stadium would be too much for most people.