The iPad is About the Software, Not Hardware

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Jason Snell of Macworld on the HP TouchPad:

The TouchPad’s specs are state of the art, right down to the dual-core Snapdragon processor that powers it. Yet at times I found the TouchPad puzzlingly sluggish. (I had the same complaint when I used the dual-core Motorola Xoom Android tablet, to be fair.) Sometimes I think one of the most important achievements of Apple’s iOS development team is completely overlooked by most reviewers: the fact that on iOS devices, when you move your finger, the on-screen objects under your finger move along with it. No lag, no judder of dropped frames, just a pure illusion that you’re physically manipulating an object. Almost every time I have tried a new Android phone or tablet—and when I tried the TouchPad—I am surprised to find that the interface just isn’t as responsive as Apple’s.

This is clearly why Apple never gives the specifications of their iOS devices, it doesn’t matter. Most of the tablets being released are more powerful than the iPad, but the experience isn’t comparable. Just like with the iPhone, no one has been able to match the software experience, no matter how much faster their hardware is.