Speed Tests of LaCie External Drive With Thunderbolt

This post refers to macworld.com

Neil Bennett with a Macworld article with lab speed tests on a LaCie drive with Apple’s new Thunderbolt specification:

Using AJA System Test set to use 16GB of 4K frames (to really push the drive), the Little Big Disks delivered an average read speed of 835.5MBps and an average write speed of 353.1MBps—faster than many fibre channel systems and equivalent to quite a few streams of uncompressed HD respectively.

Bennett continues:

For a comparison, we tested LaCie’s 4Big Quadra on the same MacBook Pro over FireWire 800, and could manage only a relatively paltry 83.9MBps (read) and 77.2MBps (write).

Wow. Are those numbers for real? 10x for reading data and 5x for writing! My friend Dave is skeptical that Thunderbolt will be able to catch on enough to produce affordable devices, but I sure hope it can because this is incredible.